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It doesn't matter how great your resume is unless the right employer gets to see it.'s Resume Distribution Service has been helping professionals connect with employers and recruiters for more than 10 years. Now it's your turn!

Resume Distribution lets you:

  • Send your resume to a dedicated list of employers and recruiters
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  • Customize your email to deliver just the right message for you
  • Send your resume confidentially to ensure a secure job search experience
  • Add an attachment to go with your email message
  • Save time by potentially reaching thousands of employers and recruiters at once
  • Resend your resume free of charge if you're still looking for a job in 60 days

Tap into a list of more than
30,000 employers and recruiters
from companies like:
Microsoft Chrysler
Verizon The Home Depot
Walmart PWC
CapitalOne NovaMed
Ameriprise KPMG

Questions? Call 1-888-447-1193 for more information.

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I've been searching for a new career opportunity for quite some time. 99.9% of my time looking for job openings has been on the web. I happened to stumble across your service and was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Thanks again!

Thomas H. – Milton, WA

Your product has been a tremendous help. I actually landed a position just 15 minutes from my home. Great Work!

Trish R. – Austin, TX

Your service was extremely helpful and very well set up. The way the economy and employment situation are these days, services like yours are a blessing. Thank you so much.

Sean S. – Broomfield, CO