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    Job #2273576581


    Develop business relationships so that employment opportunities are available for clients. Facilitate the placement and retention of clients in the vocational environment. Counsel and aid the client is obtaining and sustaining social services. Advocate on behalf of the client.


    1. Review, determine and coordinate or provide necessary services for client so that social/

    Vocational integration occurs. Actions may include interviewing and evaluating services needed based on client's profile, formulating treatment plans and goals, arranging for or personally carrying out treatment plans and assisting client in obtaining services.

    1. Develop client specific jobs by matching client skill, knowledge and abilities to complementary career paths. Research and solicit employers possessing such occupations to hire clients.

    1. Assist employers with training issues to ensure the client receives appropriate job knowledge and skills training. Determine, suggest and/ or arrange for adaptive devices, mentoring or other necessary instructive to complement job training or career development

    1. Develop and utilize natural supports, both on and off the job, to secure vocational success. Source out, implement or facilitate a sustaining transportation system, human support/network system or other reference sources to nurture client socialization.

    1. Complete all documentation necessary to support billing of services, following regulatory or HOH instructions. Documents include formulating job success plans, conducting/reviewing situational assessments, performing benefits analysis and disciplinary analysis.

    1. Interpret and implement existing DRS and HOH contracts and performance requirements. Keep current with regulatory developments and trends.

    1. Assist client in achieving maximum potential and self determination