What Great Managers Do

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A great manager has the power to transform a workforce and lead his team effectively. Consider some of the skills and actions that an excellent manager uses daily to lead employees and the company to success.

Makes Strategic Plans and Decisions

The average manager makes rash, uninformed decisions, but an excellent manager will never make decisions in the dark. Developing strategic plans that work well for the company is key to preserving resources and the vitality of your employees. Employees are far more likely to obey the plans of a boss who knows what he is doing, and won't waste employee time and efforts on frivolous or badly-laid plans. In addition, involving employees in some aspect of the decision-making process helps an excellent manager to find the best solutions.

Develops Relationships with Employees and Colleagues

Many times, employees feel overburdened and forgotten by their supervisors, and this prevents them from seeing their supervisors as supportive allies. In many successful business enterprises, supervisors develop strong professional relationships with their employees. Cultivating emotional intelligence allows great managers to sense the best way to deal with each employee’s unique personality on a daily basis. In addition, excellent managers never bash other supervisors; instead, they develop solid partnerships that benefit the workforce and the company.

Encourages Employee Independence

An excellent manager does not waste time micromanaging employees, but gives them the tools and training to succeed on their own. Encouraging employees to work well independently reduces stress on everyone. However, the best boss will lend a hand to help an employee improve his skills and performance to become a better independent worker.

Offers Wise Instruction

Poor managers focus on giving commands, and their motives can remain a mystery. When an excellent manager gives instructions, he explains the reasoning and purpose behind them. This helps employees to stay informed and understand why their contributions are crucial, and it promotes higher team morale and performance. Offering wise instructions helps employees to complete tasks correctly the first time, and it helps companies to reach goals and objectives with less hassle.

Inspires Employees

The stress of a high-paced, demanding position is a challenge for most, but employees who are motivated to do their best can rise to the occasion and execute the job. Poor managers hassle their employees to the point of extreme stress and motivation, but an excellent manager is capable of inspiring and helping employees on every level. Through his efforts, he is able to generate higher team morale. With group pep talks and motivational conversations with individuals, a superb boss can propel employees to surpass both company and personal expectations.

Educates Himself

Staying on the learning curve is essential if a manager wants to expand his skills and his ability to lead others. If you want to be an excellent manager, you should stay informed of the latest policies and procedures, and master the material enough to explain it to someone else. Take additional training classes to improve your management skills, and consider higher education as well.

An excellent manager does what is best on behalf of his employees and the company every day. Though every manager may not be skilled in all areas, one that possesses most of these capabilities is destined to be an outstanding success at his company.


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