The Three Top Resume Mistakes for Business Pros

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To make your job search more successful, your resume needs to highlight your skills and experience and to demonstrate what makes you an ideal applicant. Your resume must also stand out from those of others to increase your odds of securing an interview. Check your resume for the three most common resume mistakes before you start your job search.

One common resume mistake is listing skills without providing examples to back up your claims. When you're crafting your resume, make sure to provide brief, but edetailed, descriptions of your skills. For example, instead of saying you have great project management skills, briefly describe the types of projects you worked on and how long you worked as a project manager. Stick to your strongest skills. Resumes need to be no longer than two pages, so focus on the skills that are most relevant to the position you're applying for. When you provide evidence to back up your claims, employers will quickly see what you can bring to a position.

Another common resume mistake is failing to include keywords. Many companies now use recruitment management software to sort through resumes by scanning them for certain keywords. Consequently, it's critical to include relevant keywords in your resume to prevent it from being passed over. To use the right keywords, scan the job posting for terminology used to describe the position and job duties. Pay attention to the skills the position requires, and be sure your descriptions of your qualifications match the keywords. Although adding keywords requires you to customize your resume for each job you apply for, doing so greatly increases your odds of getting an interview.

Failing to make your resume stand out is another of the worst resume mistakes you can make. Employers scan many resumes to find the best applicants, so you must make your resume stand out. Avoid this common resume mistake by letting your personality show in the statements you make, rather than using generic wording. In addition, use numbers to bring attention to your skills and experience. Quantify the years of industry experience you have, the number of employees you've managed, the sales goals you met in your last position, the number of new accounts you secured, and any other information that shows your expertise in your field.

Avoiding common resume mistakes is essential for getting your resume noticed. Make your resume original, and allow it to stand out from the others. To catch employers' attention, use strategies such as updating your resume to include keywords and providing concrete examples of your experience. By taking the time to improve your resume, you will get noticed far more often than applicants who make the most common resume mistakes.

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