Easily Distracted? Here Are 3 Careers for You!

Carlee Nilphai
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It’s a myth that those who are easily distracted are poor workers - actually, it’s the polar opposite of the truth. People who have busy minds or are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are great workers with creative juice and can thrive in interactive environments, according to recently conducted research detailed in Scientific American. But traditional office-cubical jobs can feel suffocating to people who need to move and change-up their day-to-day.


Here are 3 great career paths (not in any particular order) for people who consider themselves easily distracted.

1.  Journalist

As a journalist, you have the opportunity to travel, learn and discuss varying topics, and your day to day work is never the same. You could be working on several stories at once as a busy reporter, so you will always have tasks to move between if you’re focus is weak in one area and strong in the other.


2.  Teacher

Many people with hyperactive-minds find teaching to be a perfect fit for their personalities. Between changing lesson plans, mishaps in the classroom, and everything else that educators deal with on a day-to-day, the potential chaos teaching kids can be a great career path for the easily distracted.


3.  Software Developer

While a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of software developing and coding, it’s a really great profession if you like variety in your work. Many projects in software development don’t take more than a few weeks which helps prevent monotony, and you could be handling a couple of different assignments at a time.


There really is something for everyone out there. If you feel like you need a change of pace or you need to find something you’re passionate about, these are great career paths to follow!





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