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Negative employee behaviors can taint the company culture and dynamics of the office. Managers expect professional and courteous behavior from employees, but when the morale of the work environment is impacted by negative actions and attitudes, productivity and profitability are significantly affected. Identify key behaviors that can derail the mission and goals of a company to begin rebuilding the company culture.

Negative Attitudes

It's common for employees to disagree with company policies or strategies, but a constant display of negativity is one of the most destructive employee behaviors in a work environment, according to Greg L. Alston with MultiBriefs. Negative attitudes can undermine both the management and the team.

Excessive Absences

Employees and managers often have valid excuses for missing work, but when excessive absences cause co-workers and managers to take on additional responsibilities and cover for individuals consistently, it can affect the morale and company culture. Identify why key individuals are consistently absent, and work to find a solution to keep the team intact and productive.

Lack of Initiative

A key task of management is to provide feedback and foster motivation in a work environment. Employee behaviors that display a lack of initiative can be a challenge. Employees unwilling to put forth their best effort breed resentment and negativity. Management strategies should focus on promoting intrinsic rewards so employees aren't only motivated by rewards or recognition from others. Help these employees find their own rewards for personal achievement to reduce the negativity that results from a lack of initiative.

Uncooperative Employee Behaviors

It's inevitable that employees and managers experience short-tempered or grumpy moments. Rude and disrespectful behavior, though, shouldn't be tolerated. Approach employees who display arrogant or abusive behavior, and set clear consequences for these actions. Identify employees who are uncooperative and consistently use domineering practices to bully team members. Management strategies must be proactive to eliminate employees who aren't willing to be part of the team in a cooperative and respectful manner.

Lack of Completion

Negative employee behaviors that include creating multiple excuses for why work isn't complete can be detrimental to productivity and the overall work environment. In fact, some employees spend more time making excuses than working on assignments and tasks. Identify skills that may be lacking that prevent employees from completing work, and discuss the opportunities for professional development. Employees unwilling to work hard may need to be evaluated and possibly removed from the position if it impacts the team and company's productivity.

Negative employee behaviors need to be identified quickly and respectfully to avoid damaging the overall morale of the company. Set the example as a manager by working to utilize the specialized skills of each employee while eliminating actions that can taint the work environment.

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