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Whether you’re unemployed or seeking a career change, that highly anticipated job offer is music to your ears. Before you accept the hiring manager's offer, make sure you’re not wasting your time by jumping into a situation that’s less than desirable. Watch out for these subtle signs that this job isn’t the one for you.

1. Youre Desperate to Get Away

Just because you’re unsatisfied with your current position doesn’t mean you should jump into something new without considering the offer completely. If you’re only accepting the position because it lets you escape your current position, you could end up in a similar situation, or worse. While dissatisfaction with your job is a good motivator, take your time when considering any new offer to make sure you’re accepting for the right reasons.

2. You Have to Make a Big Sacrifice

Be sure you’re willing to accept the sacrifices that come with a new position before you even send in your resume. If you’re not willing to leave the East Coast to take a job in Seattle, don’t waste your time pursuing it. Make sure you’re willing to accept the overtime hours, travel schedule or lengthy commute that comes with a new job.

3. Youre Not Getting All the Information

If you’re asking questions and receiving only vague answers, it’s a huge red flag. An interview is your opportunity to get answers to all your queries, so come prepared. If your questions are met with hesitation, awkward pauses or dodged responses, don’t waste your time on the organization.

4. Youre Not Impressed by the Job Duties

Most jobs come with a few duties you’d prefer not to have, but that shouldn’t be the case for every task on the job posting. Dig into the position description and decide whether the majority of the day-to-day duties interest and excite you. If you’re less than inspired, look for something different.

5. Youre Uneasy About the Company Culture

When you arrive for your interview, soak in everything you can. Is the receptionist friendly? Do employees on the hiring panel seem to interact well with one another? If everyone in the office seems sullen and moody, it’s not likely to be a positive working environment. Trust your gut, and don’t waste your time going after the job.

6. Youre Turned Off by the Office Environment

A dirty, dingy and unpleasant office space is a big red flag. If you feel uncomfortable spending 30 minutes there for the interview, just imagine having to spend 40 hours every week in that environment.

Don’t waste your time pursuing a job that could turn out to be a bummer. Keep alert and watch for these subtle signs that you should turn down the job offer. What red flags have you experienced that made you say no?

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