Why Writing Skills Are Needed in Every Job and How to Improve Yours

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The vast majority of jobs require at least some level of competence when it comes to writing. Even when you wouldn’t necessarily think a certain job would require strong writing skills somewhere along the way being confident in the way you write will benefit you at work. There will always come a time when you have to sit down and write a memo, an email, or even a list of rules and regulations for performing a specific task. When that time comes you will wish that you had the writing skills to be clear, concise, and convincing.

Strong writing skills will help you stand out in any job, especially those that might not directly require a lot of writing. If a supervisor knows that you can write well, odds are they will begin to rely on you to do so, which can benefit you in the long run at any job.

The ability to write well will also help you in between jobs. Being able to sell yourself in a resume, cover letter, or cold email, can be the difference between you getting an interview or you getting passed over.

So, how does one improve their professional writing skills? The first step is to write as much as you can. Practice makes perfect and the more you write the more you will get comfortable doing it. Write in different styles and for different positions, write a persuasive essay, or an essay about you and why you’re a good fit for your dream job. Don’t be afraid to share your writing with others and be open to feedback, this is a simple free way to get an idea of where you stand as a writer.

If you have the time and the money you could also take a writing class. Many colleges will offer continuing adult education and you may even be able to find a free class at a library. You will learn more from a teacher than you could on your own and it will connect you to someone who may be able to read drafts of your work going forward.

Reading is also a great way to improve your writing skills. Read everything you can, but you can also seek out professional essays and presentations that fit into your industry or the kind of writing you want to do. If you read a lot, good writing will eventually seep into your brain and it will come out of you through your own work. It will also allow you to practice writing by copying the style of a writing you like then slowly evolving it into your own style.

Writing will come up in any job and being confident with the writing you do will do wonders for your advancement in any job. It can also help you in other areas of your life beyond the professional. Being a strong writer who can get their ideas across clearly and effectively is a very beneficial skill. If you want to improve an ability that will help you regardless of your industry, writing is a good place to start. 


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    renee j.

    Thank you for sharing your good writing skill tips. It was informative and it take me back to brain storming skills. Renee j

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