Why Entrepreneurs Are So Important

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Entrepreneurs are crucial to maintaining and growing the economy. This is true on a local level and remains true when considered globally. Entrepreneurs create employment, create demand for products and services and pay taxes that sustain their communities. The commerce created by entrepreneurs stimulates economic activity and ultimately improves the community.

The relationship of entrepreneurs to the economy is organic. It is a constantly evolving cycle that is mutually beneficial.

Supply and Demand

In order to create their products, business owners must first buy the materials they need to build them. For example, restaurants must buy the food that they prepare, as well as the necessary tools and implements. In purchasing these materials, other businesses are created and sustained. For instance, a farm that supplies meat and produce to the restaurant benefits from the creation of the restaurant. The better business the restaurant does, the better business the farm does. The entrepreneur creates a supportive and mutually beneficial working arrangement.

Job Creation

Job creation is directly dependent on entrepreneurial success. The businesses started by entrepreneurs create jobs. They hire employees to run and sustain the business. For example, the restaurant needs cooks, dishwashers and servers, to name just a few. As the business expands, more employees are hired. The more successful the restaurant becomes, the more food it will need to purchase from the farm. As a result, new jobs will be available at the farm as well.

Bringing Money into the Community

The role of the entrepreneur in the economy is vital, as entrepreneurs help create a positive financial environment through taxes and sales within a community. Businesses established by entrepreneurs pay taxes. Those taxes are then used by the government to provide services, including education and health care. Any money that flows to the government is a potential aid to society at large. Also, the employees of businesses begun by entrepreneurs earn wages, which they use to purchase other goods and services within the community. The economy as a whole benefits from increased commerce.


Entrepreneurs create new technologies, products and services. They invent new and better ways of doing things, leading society to new heights. To be successful, entrepreneurs must be passionate about their product and possess unwavering vision. In this way, they are excellent role models with their revolutionary ideas stimulating even more creative thinking and innovation.

Promote Competition

A successful entrepreneur creates competition, which is healthy for the economy. The success of the restaurant may inspire another entrepreneur to open a new restaurant. This type of competition leads to increased efficiency, lower costs and better products.

Entrepreneurs play a critical role in the success of a nation. Supply and demand benefits the entrepreneur’s business as well as any associated businesses. Entrepreneurs create demand for products and thereby stimulate the economy. The benefits trickle down from the entrepreneur to the employees and also spreads to improve associated businesses and the community at large.

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  • Rich Milgram
    Rich Milgram

    It is so difficult to start out as an entrepreneur. No matter the size of the corporation there are so many restrictions and many challenges that you will face beyond building a great product. Entrepreneurs need to leverage their business networks and contacts to learn as much as possible on their way to success.

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