What to Expect Your Entry Level Job to Be Like

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Congratulations! You finished college and now you’re ready for your first job. Being fresh off the boat feels exciting, but you likely have no idea what your first job will be like. 

Many graduates enter the professional world with high expectations but are surprised to see their expectations are different than what they expected. 

Here are 5 things you can expect from your first entry level job.

1. Starting from the bottom
Since you just graduated, you don’t have the necessary experience or skills needed to take on an elevated role just yet. The positions you’re eligible for are entry level roles. If you’re working an entry level job, you typically start at the bottom and work your way up. Just like how you had to take core classes in school before taking ones related to your major, you will have to do lots of basic work to do before doing the specific work you want to be doing. but as you develop your skills and gain experience in the job, you’ll have opportunities to level up and move into different roles in the future.

2. You might not get paid a lot
Most entry level jobs come with entry level pay. Since you don’t have as much experience, your pay grade reflects that. Employees who have more relevant, and years of work experience typically receive higher salaries. Since you’re just starting out and it might take a year or two for you to get a promotion. Drop the expectations of a high salary and focus more on developing your skills, assimilating yourself into the company, and getting better at the job you currently have. This helps you to adjust to your job much quickly and also work your way up towards a better salary faster. 

3. Expect to learn from others
There is always something you can learn when it comes to work. Since you’re just starting out, you have a lot to learn about your role, the company in general, and working in general. Take the time to ask questions and be sure to listen carefully at all the meetings you have so that you are able to better learn your responsibilities. It takes time to adjust to your first job, let alone your specific role in the company. Have no fear, you will learn everything as long as you speak up when you have a question and listen carefully when others are talking to you. 

4. Embrace variety
You will spend a lot of time doing seemingly trivial tasks. Embrace the variety of things you do at your job because they might teach you something. You might learn a new skill or find something you like. The things you’re required to do in your entry level job may not be relevant to your interests or your desired role, but you might learn a valuable skill you can use in another job or even something you don’t like. Embracing variety gives you a chance to explore your interests and what you’re good at. 

Entry level jobs aren’t always perfect. But these jobs are more about gaining experience. Most people do not stay with their first job forever and that’s okay, but it is important to set your expectations appropriately, so you have a positive experience. 


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