What Do I Do if My Boss Wants Me to Quit?

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A study from CareerBuilder states that more than 25 percent of bosses want a subordinate to leave the company. If you're one of the unlucky 25 percent, learn what to do if your boss wants you to quit your job without firing you.

Know the Warning Signs

Take a look at the warning signs that your boss might be trying to encourage you to quit your job. Keep in mind, a supervisor might not overtly say something to you or another employee about wanting you to leave.

Your boss might attempt to stifle your growth by not assigning you new work to build on your skills. Maybe he excludes you from important meetings, projects and social gatherings. Your supervisor might speak negatively about you to other managers, or you might face backhanded compliments one minute and belittling the next.

Also, instead of talking to you personally, your manager may prefer to just simply email you or completely leave you out of the loop when delivering important information. You may even become invisible as your supervisor hides your success from others or takes credit for your hard work.

All of these signs can leave you frustrated. Here's what to do about them, aside from seeking retribution for your treatment at the office.

1. Stay Positive

Do not resort to gossip or hold a grudge against your boss, even though that's a natural feeling to have. Even if you believe your performance may be less than ideal, you don't deserve this type of negative treatment. Therefore, never discuss the situation with colleagues or complain to workmates about the negative situation, since this may cause the situation to worsen.

2. Recommit to Knowing Your Job

Improve the quality of your work as soon as possible. Offer solutions to productivity issues, and help your teammates and become an indispensable member of the team. More than 60 percent of managers believe the best thing a subordinate can do to get rid of any negativity after an argument is to enhance the quality of their production at the office.

3. Talk to Your Boss

Present ideas to your supervisor about how to move forward. Ask your manager to define your role and create clear expectations for the weeks and months ahead. Consider getting these expectations in writing so you can begin following them immediately after you talk to your supervisor.

4. Don't Think About Work After Work

Improve your work-life balance outside of the office. Once you walk out the door, turn to enjoying your personal life, no matter what that means. Doing so puts you in a happy space when you return to work, which can improve your performance.

If your boss is trying to get you to quit, try to remain positive, and use these suggestions to help you through the situation. If this doesn't help, learn from your mistakes, and consider handing in your resignation notice and starting over with a clean slate at a new company.

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  • Denise J.
    Denise J.

    I do not my new job or my bosses and don't like me . Every morning we have a meeting and they threatened to all the employees . Which makes me and my other co-workers unhappy before we start our day . There is never any positive feedback . No employer should ever do this to any of their employees and that is why I'm looking for a new job . I like my coworkers and I feel sorry for them but they will be stuck with two very unhappy bosses .

  • Tom Sacco
    Tom Sacco

    Roger Oech (He wrote "A Whack on the Side of the Head") tells a story of a guy who LOVED his job buy HATED his boss. So after applying to a ton of jobs, he turned it around and sent HIS BOSS'S resume out! The boss got a new job and EVERYONE was happy!

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Pablo A. thanks for your comment. Well, it depends. Do you want to stay there? If so, then take the 6 hours but find yourself a second job. That way you can still sort of keep one foot in the cafe so that if, in the future, your hours are increased again, you can decide whether you want them or you just want to let the cafe go and concentrate on your second job. Some people have three jobs - just to make ends meet. All the best.

  • Pablo A.
    Pablo A.

    When they cut your hours in half when it was already only 12 hours a week ..cause they say it's slow at the cafe these days..what do you do?

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