What Could be Worse Than Getting Fired?

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When you're on the chopping block at work, do your best to take control of the situation. Getting fired carries an unfair stigma, so you might waste energy trying to hold onto a bad job when you should be planning your next steps. Losing your income is scary, but dealing with daily mind games is worse. Here are four reasons getting fired might be better than putting up with a terrible employer.

1. Emotional Stress

Keeping your work frustrations bottled up day after day and year after year is a recipe for a meltdown. Open communication is uncommon in a toxic workplace, so you probably swallow your complaints and suggestions and hold back ideas that could yield benefits for everyone.

The problem is your negative feelings aren't really going away. You're shoving all your frustrations to the back of your mind, which can lead to mental and emotional stress. When conflicts at work are taking a toll on your personal life, causing physical aches and pains or making you ill, getting fired is the least of your worries.

2. Declining Skills

Skills are your currency in a job market, and it's easy to fall behind the curve if you aren't growing in your role. Sadly, most people don't notice declining skills until it's too late because they're too focused on pleasing bosses who are never satisfied.

If you're sticking with a bad job out of desperation, think about the competitive edge you're losing by toiling through low-level tasks. Maybe your employer never provided a clear definition of your role or switched up your job duties after you were hired. Maybe a bad manager came along and stopped you from taking on more responsibility. Whatever the case, declining skills make it harder to land a good job at another company, especially in a fast-moving industry.

3. Low Self-Esteem

Constant fear of getting fired can slowly destroy your confidence. Even with a tough skin, most people need occasional recognition and encouragement to feel valued at work. Overtime, low self-esteem can make you second-guess everything you do and stop looking for a better job. Instead of surrendering your future to a bad employer, focus your energy on finding another a job and leave on your own terms.

4. Abusive Relationships

Bullies, fault-finders, leeches and gossips are a staple of most toxic workplaces. A poorly managed environment creates a ripe opportunity for bad managers and workers to prey on others and take credit for work they didn't do. The more you give in to bullies, the easier it is for them to take advantage of you and destroy your credibility. If you're drowning in these types of abusive work relationships, getting fired might be a best.

Getting fired doesn't have to be a permanent stain on your career. You can bounce back from a bad situation by strengthening your skills, researching the right jobs and marketing yourself to good employers. Better yet, launch a new job search as soon as you start noticing recurring problems. That way, you have the time and flexibility to plan your exit and might avoid getting fired.

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  • Emilijan I.
    Emilijan I.

    Life cam bring many more unpleasant things than loosing a job. So, stay calm and do not loose your mind! Bare in mind that many illness come directly from mental instability!

  • Glenn Kaylor
    Glenn Kaylor

    Lost my job after getting cancer.... BAD. GETTING CANCER.... WORSE. Alive to find a new job....PR ICELESS!!!

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