Too Busy to Attend That Meeting? Send Your Robot Instead.

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An effective meeting offers employees and managers opportunities to establish goals while evaluating the systems already in place, but the time spent traveling to and from remote locations or filing into a conference room during a productive period can slow down your overall productivity and ultimately cut the company's profits. Innovations in technology have created a solution so you can attend those meetings even when you're busy. Now, you can send your robot.

Teleconferencing tools have been prominent in the workplace, especially when attempting to conduct an effective meeting and improve time management. Employees can conference call or video conference to stay abreast of company operations. However, a physical presence is sometimes necessary to gauge interest, read body language and elicit responses from managers and employees.

Double Robotics, an innovations and research company, has developed a solution. It launched the Double 2 robot in 2016 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to offer employers a virtual solution for conducting an effective meeting. The telepresence robot is a mobile robot equipped with a camera that allows meeting attendees to interact with professionals in the meeting room, conduct presentations and navigate the meeting room without physically being present.

This innovative solution, controlled with a tablet or computer keyboard, has a screen and speakers that enable a visual and oral presence. The camera kit features a 150-degree, wide-angle lens so you can see the facial expressions and experience the physical presences of professionals in the meeting while they can visually see you in real form. High point graphics make this innovative feature a must-have for enhanced communication in the workplace.

You can use this advance tool to conduct an effective meeting with clients, co-workers, supervisors or the home office when working remotely. A virtual presence during training sessions enhances overall communication and makes training seminars and workshops possible when limited funds restrict travel. Improve your overall presence within the company with telepresence technology to establish deadlines and time lines for a project, collaborate with team members to revise processes and procedures, or enhance your time management when working for a micromanager who requires frequent updates on your progress.

Created primarily for the business sector, the Double 2 robot has the potential to transform the educational sector as well. Homebound students can operate the robot from a tablet or computer to attend classes and keep up with course curriculum. Both parents and students can host effective meetings with educators or school administrators while in the comfort of their own homes.

Save yourself time throughout the day without missing out on participating in an effective meeting by using innovations in technology. Allow professionals to see and hear you in a new light when attending meetings with a telepresence.

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