Tips to Keep Great Talent from Moving on

Carly Naaktgeboren
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After doing the work to seek, interview, hire, and train the best possible candidate for the job, it would be frustrating to see them move on to another company. You’ve put in the time, and you may feel betrayed or confused as to why they would choose to jump ship. Or maybe, just maybe, you know why they’re jumping ship but haven’t made the necessary adjustments to keep them from doing so. Here are 5 tips to keep those gold star employees from leaving you in the dust.



  1. Make sure their accomplishments are noted and appreciated. You might think your employee knows that the huge client they pulled or the massive deal they scored isn’t being taken for granted by upper-management, but that might not be the case. Employees often work exceptionally hard for minimal recognition and this can grow tiring and disappointing. If they’re moving on, someone else noticed their worth and acknowledged it. You should too.

  2. Motivate them to stay. Is there career growth for them? Can they advance to a higher position or a higher salary?  Why would you stay if your work felt stagnant?  If they cannot continue their career at your company, then they’ll move on. If you have someone you’re desperate to keep around, think about opening some doors internally for them. Let them take the lead on a project, offer professional development, or maintain their own client list. Things like this can be very fulfilling and make them want to keep working for you.

  3. Up the perks of work a bit. If some of their work can be done from home, give them the option to work from home. Make sure what you offer stacks up against what others could be offering. These are also great benefits to whip out if you are unable to increase salary. Oftentimes, people would prefer a less hectic existence to more money. 

  4. Have the best technology and resources available. Workloads can increase and become more and more frustrating based on old computers and technological systems in place. This can demotivate people to work in an environment that’s less than savvy. Making sure you’re up-to-date with efficient tools can make a huge difference in helping someone decide to stay with you.

  5. Take in feedback and make necessary changes. Make it possible for your employees to anonymously give suggestions on management style or inner-office workings. You may not even realize anything is bothering them until it’s too late. If you follow through with feedback, they will feel heard and respected and the office could end up being in a much happier, healthier environment in the long run.









Making simple changes around the office and helping to build a career path for your awesome employees can help sway them to continue working for you. And remember, how you treat someone and adapting to employee needs can often be even more important than salary.






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