Three Technologies for Better Presentations

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For most management professionals, presentations are an unavoidable aspect of business. If your presentations are tired or stale, a piece of updated business technology may be the right solution. With the new technology options that are on the market, you can make your presentations more dynamic and engaging.

For presentations, many management professionals turn to common business technology tools and presentation software packages such as Microsoft PowerPoint. When you want to give a nontraditional presentation, however, standard tools may not have the flexibility you need.

In the course of a normal business day, a manager or executive may make presentations to a variety of groups in a wide range of presentation spaces. Conventional tools often lack the flexibility you need to move from a small team presentation to a large meeting. If you want to take your presentations to the next level, a tablet computer is one of the most convenient business technology options. According to Forbes, tablets give you the power to access and present a wide range of information. They also allow unprecedented flexibility. If you are introducing a new project to your team, you can present directly on the tablet for fast, efficient setup. When you need to meet with the board of directors, present to other managers, or address a conference, you can connect your tablet to a projector or stream to an HDTV setup.

Standard presentation technology enables little-to-no user interaction, which can be challenging for presenters. For managers, interaction is crucial: it boosts morale and encourages engagement among team members. With new business technology apps, you can add dynamic, interactive elements to your presentations. Services like Air Sketch and Power Presenter give you the freedom to create graphics as you go, allowing you to incorporate feedback from your audience. Sketch-style apps are particularly effective when you're conducting brainstorming sessions with your team.

Many managers and executives find that traditional presentation software options cannot handle the demands of modern presentations, particularly when they involve industry-specific data. If you need more control over the look and behavior of your content, consider updated presentation tools. Programs like Prezi, SlideRocket, and PowToon make it easy to create powerful presentations, even when you're short on time. They also enable sharing, making them ideal for managers who want to encourage team members to contribute to crucial presentations. Plus, if you're working with a limited budget, presentation apps are an affordable way to update your business technology arsenal.

Whether you manage a small team or oversee multiple divisions, presentations are a key part of business. By updating your presentation process to include new business technology options, you can make it easier to create persuasive, powerful content that gets your point across with ease.



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