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While many organizations still host professional networking events where you can connect with people in your field face to face, connections are often made using technology even more so in today's society. Social media and online networking play a big role in your job search. See how to utilize technology to increase your opportunities and build your network.

Utilize the Helpful Tools

Job seekers are able to broadcast their search and find job leads easier with the use of social media and online professional networking tools. Sites such as Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook give you the platform to not only let others know you are seeking employment but also showcase your skills. Ask for help or advice from industry experts and show that you are eager to join the field when corresponding.

Know the Importance of Professional Profiles

Make social media sites work to your advantage by creating a professional profile that includes your work experience and skills. During your job search, remove any personal photos or unprofessional links or commentary that could reveal your status or political affiliations. Highlight only your professional — not your personal — persona so you can make a positive impression online.

Join Online Groups in Your Field

Professional networking online gives you the chance to learn more about industry trends, but also to connect with like-minded people. Seek out organizations on Facebook or LinkedIn where you can share your insights and expertise while learning some new tips and tricks along the way. Many online groups host meetups regionally so you can eventually meet people with similar career goals and interests in person.

Create an Online Portfolio

Leave a digital footprint that is impressive and aids you in searching for a new position. A visual resume and personal website allow you to share links to your portfolio online with hiring managers, recruiters and other networking contacts. Share your online portfolio when connecting with followers or add a link to your social media profiles to assist with professional networking. Websites such as WordPress, Squarespace and Wix offer user-friendly templates to get you started.

Participate in Professional Networking Events Online

Improve your skillset while meeting industry professionals who can help launch or advance your career when signing up for online events such as webinars. Browse the websites of organizations in your field to find suitable topics. Many online webinars allow you to chat with attendees or ask questions of the experts.

How you present yourself online can significantly impact your opportunities during a job search. Use professional networking tools to spread the word that you are in the job market, and don't hesitate to reach out to industry experts for tips and advice when applying for positions. Connecting with like-minded people online is a powerful way for job seekers to build relationships and find leads they may not be able to find otherwise.

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