The Method of Telecommuting and its Implications

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Telecommuting positions are gaining popularity as professionals across the world envision the luxury of working from home and employers embrace this cost-saving method. However, before beginning your job search for one of these positions, it's important to fully understand the implications, as well as the pros and cons, of remote work.

Pro: Enhanced Productivity

A busy office with clients trekking in and out can cause distractions that slow down your productivity on a daily basis. With telecommuting positions, you're fully in charge of managing your time, which can ultimately increase your productivity. With the elimination of a commute time and water cooler conversations throughout the day, you can spend more time working with clients over the phone or by using online collaboration tools without any traffic delays or interferences from co-workers.

Con: Isolation

If you're a social person, telecommuting positions may not be the best choice. The job requires that you work in isolation from home, and you may have limited interactions with others throughout the day. If you crave one-on-one conversations, it may be an adjustment when working remotely.

Pro: Sense of Empowerment

Although you may not be your own boss, with telecommuting positions, you may feel like you only have yourself to answer to, which leads to a sense of empowerment. As a result, employees often feel more confident in the daily decisions they make regarding the work flow and feel empowered to make suggestions to the team without the intimidation of a face-to-face meeting.

Con: Lack of Communication

For a remote team to prosper, communication must be solid. With telecommuting positions, you may find that it's difficult to get in touch with team members or communicate effectively when only using email or messaging platforms.

Pro: Flexibility

When considering the criteria for your job search, you may find yourself struggling with family obligations, daycare or caregiving responsibilities. While working remotely, you often have the option to determine your own hours and work when it's most convenient for you. For example, if you're more productive in the evening hours, you can set up your workday with breaks throughout the day to tend to your responsibilities or even attend doctor's appointments and run errands.

Con: Home Distractions

Not all environments are free from distractions, and your home is no exception. Consider potential distractions such as noise from family members, pets or neighbors. In addition, you may be more tempted to pick up the house versus complete your tasks if you're not disciplined throughout the day.

A strong work-life balance is essential within any industry, but when considering telecommuting positions, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons. Consider the work style and environment that's best for you before sending off your application materials. This way you can enhance your opportunities and growth as a professional.

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