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Part-time jobs are very popular today, particularly among employees who juggle traditional work with freelancing or family responsibilities. The perceived problem with part-time jobs is that they rarely offer benefits such as health insurance or a 401(k) retirement plan. However, some large employers offer benefits to their part-time employees and full-time workers. Here are 10 of them.

1. Chipotle

Chipotle provides health, dental, vision and wellness coverage to its part-time employees. Workers who stay with the company for at least one year get employer matching on their 401(k) contributions.

2. Macy's

People working in part-time jobs at Macy's are eligible for many of the same benefits as full-time employees, including health and retirement benefits. One benefit unique to this employer is that part-timers have the chance to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

3. Costco

Costco's part-time benefits package includes health, vision and dental care, as well as a 401(k) plan, child care assistance and life insurance. However, those working part-time jobs at Costco must wait twice as long as full-timers to get these benefits: 180 days instead of 90 days.

4. REI

Part-time jobs at REI come with a competitive package of benefits, including medical insurance and some additional options such as long-term care and vision coverage. All employees get significant discounts on REI apparel and gear.

5. Staples

Part-time workers at Staples receive dental and vision benefits, life insurance, short-term disability coverage and a 401(k).

6. Lowe's

Lowe's Home Improvement offers medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as disability and life insurance for part-time workers. All workers have access to learning, development, health and wellness programs.

7. Starbucks

Starbucks likes to call its employees "partners." All partners with full and part-time jobs get a choice of coverage levels for health, dental and vision insurance. All eligible U.S. employees are also eligible to study online with Arizona State University to earn a bachelor's qualification.

8. Kaplan

Kaplan uses a third-party company to provide its part-time workers with health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and prescription discounts. Kaplan courses are also free to part-time workers and their families.

9. Cost Plus World Market

Part-time jobs at Cost Plus World Market come with a limited benefits plan, which includes preventative care as well as health and wellness coverage.

10. Coffee & Bagel Brands

Coffee & Bagel Brands offers competitive benefit packages. All employees ages 21 and older who have been with the company at least three months have access to an employer-matched 401(k) program.

Although part-time jobs traditionally do not offer good benefits, several large employers are bucking the trend by offering attractive benefits packages. By taking a part-time job with one of these companies, workers can secure stability for themselves.

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