Seven Qualities of an Unforgettable Boss

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Working with a bad boss is terrible for morale and makes it difficult to stay motivated at work. If you are lucky enough to have a great boss, it's much easier to focus on your output and avoid conflict at work. Forbes contributor Travis Bradberry says unforgettable bosses typically have seven characteristics. Study these characteristics carefully to improve your own leadership skills.

1. Strategic Thinking

Bad bosses are reactionary. They only make decisions when they are forced to do so by outside circumstances. Well-liked bosses are like chess players. They are able to think several steps ahead and take action before things get out of hand. A great boss also understands the limitations and skills of each person on his or her team, making it easier to give work assignments and create effective project groups.

2. Passion

It's rare for a team to succeed if the boss has a poor attitude and constantly complains about the work. Great bosses are passionate about the work they do, and they are able to motivate other team members when things get tough.

3. Calm Attitude

Screaming and panicking are not effective motivational tools. A great boss is able to stay calm even when there is a business emergency requiring an all-hands-on-deck approach. When faced with a tough situation, a great boss maintains a calm demeanor and avoids making subordinates feel nervous or upset.

4. Modesty

It's okay to be proud of your achievements, but some bosses take their pride too far. A great boss is humble and willing to admit that things aren't always perfect.

5. Warmth

Good bosses are approachable, making it easy to build strong professional relationships. A great boss also relates to team members and helps subordinates make it through rough times.

6. Genuine Personality

No one wants to work with someone who lies and fakes his way to the top of an organization. A great boss is willing to own mistakes instead of blaming them on others. In organizations with unforgettable bosses, nobody has to waste precious time wondering what a manager is going to do. A great boss also shares information with employees instead of keeping them in the dark and using the information as a bargaining chip.

7. Team Focus

Some bosses are quick to blame subordinates when things go wrong. A great boss is willing to help employees fix their mistakes. In some cases, a boss fixes things behind the scenes so other team members never know there was a problem. Good bosses also coach their subordinates, and they provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

Some people spend more time with their bosses than they do with their loved ones. It's important for a manager to be able to relate to people and motivate them to succeed. If you want to be a great boss, strive to maintain these characteristics.

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