Perfect Your Job Hunt With These 5 Strategies

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A job search can feel like a stressful endeavor, so it's important to find ways to increase the efficiency of your efforts. Master the job search process with the following five strategies.

1. Know Where to Look

Because most of the modern-day job search is performed online, it makes sense to sign up for several job search websites, such as Monster, Indeed and CareerBuilder. However, you can expect better results if you narrow your focus to sites that post jobs in your specific industry, such as for human resource professionals. The internet isn't your only option: make sure your core network of family, friends and colleagues are aware that you're in the market for new opportunities. Attend networking events, conferences and seminars in your area to make even more contacts that can help you get your foot in the door.

2. Get Focused

What is your target job? Focus your job search on opportunities that match the exact position you want and are qualified for. It may seem like a good idea to flood the job boards with your resume in order to increase chances of being seen, but if you're applying to jobs you're not really passionate about, you'll end up wasting valuable time. recruiters won't take you seriously if you're willing to take on any job in the company.

3. Mind Your Online Presence

Clean up your social media profiles, and be sure to hide or delete any photos, posts or links that a potential employer might not like. Make sure your LinkedIn page is completely up-to-date, as hiring managers are likely to check it against your resume or cover letter. Consider starting a blog or website that focuses on your accomplishments and skills. It's one more way to showcase your experience to employers while building a strong digital presence.

4. Prepare for Each Interview

Every job interview is not the same, so you should practice and prepare thoroughly prior to every interview you have. Study the company's website and social media pages, as well as any press releases or big news stories. Have a friend or colleague go through a practice run with you, to make sure you know how to answer specific questions about that company. Dress professionally on the day of the interview, and be sure to bring a notebook and pen to take notes.

5. Follow Up

The end of the interview is not the end of your job search. Later that day or early the next morning, send a quick thank-you note to the hiring manager, thanking them for their time and the opportunity to discuss your experience and qualifications. Express your sincere appreciation and your excitement about the next steps in the hiring process. This seemingly little step can mean all the difference between a candidate who gets a callback and a candidate who wonders what they did wrong.

Looking for a job doesn't have to be a never-ending process. With focus, strategy and the right execution, you can land your next position much faster than you think. Use these five strategies to maximize the results of your job search.

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