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More businesses are turning to virtual teams to get the job done and enable employees to work on projects from home. As a supervisor, managing a virtual team has it own challenges. You can learn how to manage your virtual team properly for greater business success.

Maintain a Basic Schedule

Virtual teams work best when everyone sticks to a basic schedule. Establish times for lunch, and a period where employees can take a break or communicate casually with teammates to create a more balanced virtual work environment. Although employees may log in at different times to complete tasks, ask team members to commit to a designated discussion period on each work day to collaborate in real-time online. This allows everyone to speak directly to their teammates and it establishes an effective line of communication. Consider the different times zone that your employees are in to make compatible schedules and assign reasonable deadlines for each worker.

Maintain the Right Technology and Materials

Any virtual team can be undermined if virtual team members do not possess the right technology. Make sure everyone is well-trained to use company software, virtual chat programs and other technologies necessary for work to make the job easier. Send a variety of materials that can be useful to help employees execute tasks and remain compliant with company procedures. In addition, remind everyone to get the proper software, hardware and security updates to avoid computer issues at an inappropriate time.

Delegate Responsibilities and Deadlines

A virtual manager must remember to delegate responsibilities to virtual teams the same way they would in person. It is crucial to delegate responsibilities to workers clearly on your virtual team, so be precise when assigning work to make the most of each employee’s involvement. Give employees specific deadlines to help them stay on track with team goals.

Rotate Task Assignments Occasionally

It can be easy for any virtual team worker to fall into a rut by doing the same tasks over and over again without direct managerial supervision. You can enable task rotation on virtual teams to keep employees on their toes and ensure that work is bit more interesting and less routine for everyone.

Be Available

As a virtual manager, it is important to be available for your virtual employees. If an employee is confused or runs into an issue, you can offer direction to help them fix the situation. Give your virtual employees multiple ways to contact you, and offer an emergency contact number as well so they can notify you in case an extreme situation occurs.

Keep Your Team Motivated

Just like any other employees, virtual team members need a little motivation as well. You can send motivational quotes, comments and short videos to your employees once a day to keep them inspired. Meet or call each employee once in a while to offer words of encouragement or praise.

Virtual workers are a trend in business that is here to stay, and more supervisors manage virtual teams to run businesses in the digital age. By implementing simple strategies and enforcing basic rules, you can lead your virtual team to accomplish company goals and objectives with ease.


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