Managing Remote Employees Like They Were Right There

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Directing remote employees can be a challenge for any manager. Fortunately, you can be an excellent manager exerting a positive influence on your employees, even from a distance.To be most successful when managing your staff from a distance, you can employ a variety of strategies.

Communicate Well

Communicate with your remote employees as if they were standing or sitting in front of you. Address your employees by name as often as possible to build a warm business relationship in a virtual work environment. By communicating by phone, online or through an email network, you can remain in close touch with your remote employees and direct them to success. Hold team meetings on a consistent basis, and send meeting summaries ahead of time so that everyone is adequately prepared. Be clear as possible when communicating through any medium to avoid confusion and limit mistakes due to misunderstandings.

Delegate a Schedule of Activities

A team of remote workers that lacks clear assignment instructions sets the stage for an unproductive virtual work environment. All employees must have a basic schedule to ensure they stay focused at home when it is time to work. Delegate lists of tasks as early as possible for each employee to expedite the completion of work assignments. Instruct your staff to briefly check in at designated times during the workday, and hold employees accountable for their progress.

Encourage Engaged Collaboration

Encouraging a high level of collaboration to your remote employees is essential in the forging of a cohesive team. Make sure employees understand how their daily activities and tasks contribute to company goals and team projects. One-on-one sessions or group chats with remote employees foster effective collaboration to gets tasks done. Employees can also use smartphone apps and online document services to communicate with you or each other and reach out for assistance when necessary.

Use the Latest Technology and Equipment

Equipping your remote staff with the best technologies and software programs is essential to enabling them to complete quality work. Your employees may utilize cloud services to store, retrieve and share data. Ensure that each remote employee has the necessary software updates to run systems smoothly. Make sure your staff has adequate training so they are able to use the necessary programs and equipment to complete their work.

Encourage Quality Performance

Inspire your remote employees to do the best work possible, even though they are not in the presence of their manager. Offer words of encouragement and inspiration to motivate them to strive for challenging goals. Use performance evaluations to gauge a worker’s effectiveness in his position, and offer rewards and benefits for remote employees who excel.

You can run a productive team of remote employees successfully through planning, delegation and active management. Encourage your employees to use proper cyber security measures to protect company data and client confidentiality. When remote employees are equipped with the right resources and mindset, they can successfully accomplish company goals and objectives from anywhere.


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