Land Your Dream Internships With These Seven Steps

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A summer internship can help you land a job immediately after you graduate. Landing an internship takes hard work and dedication, since you must approach the process as if you are applying for a permanent job. Discover how to land your dream internship with these seven steps.

1. Determine Your Top Choices

Many organizations offer summer internship programs. Before beginning your search, make a list of the top 10 companies you would like to work for, and learn all about their internship programs. Choose companies based off of your desired industry or profession.

2. Revise Your Resume

Examine your resume closely and revise it as necessary. Consult with on-campus career counselors to see if they have any recommendations based on current resume writing trends. Most importantly, tailor your resume to each company that hosts a summer internship, and make sure the keywords used in the postings are in your vital document.

3. Research Each Company Ahead of an Interview

Research each company thoroughly ahead of an interview. Rehearse responses to common interview questions, and consider making a short study guide for each company that outlines important information about the organization's business model, mission and goals for the position.

4. Get Recommendation Letters

In your years on campus, you likely made connections with several professors and faculty members. Ask these professionals for recommendation letters. Tap into your network, which can also include family and close friends. Recommendations from third parties help employers verify your skill set and abilities, and positive feedback can boost your chances of landing a summer internship.

5. Research Some More

Once you land an in-person or phone interview, it's time to do even more research. Your initial research helped narrow your choices, but this round of research involves learning as much as possible about the company culture. Connect with company employees through LinkedIn, and ask questions. Check out to find third-party reviews of the company and gather relevant data you can bring up during an interview.

6. Develop Your Passion

It's just a summer internship, but you should still display passion for the company as you work towards a career there. Passion is important because it shows your interviewers that you're not just interested in compensation, benefits and job security.

7. Write Thank You Notes

Immediately after all summer internship interviews, write a quick note of thanks to each person you met. Bring up a memorable topic from the interview to help the employer remember what you discussed. A thank you note leaves a great impression and makes you stand out in highly competitive field of candidates.

Increase your chances of landing a summer internship with these seven steps. If you treat this process as you would a job search, you may find yourself on the path to a viable career sooner rather than later.

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