Is Working With an Executive Recruiter Right for You?

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Working with an executive recruiter is a good way to increase your chance of finding an executive job. However, this is not the right option for everyone. For some job seekers, networking and approaching companies directly might be more effective strategies. Some people like to use these strategies in addition to connecting with an executive recruiter. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether working with an executive recruiter is right for you.

Executive recruiters often base their judgments of job seekers on their first impressions. When you meet an executive recruiter, it pays to dress well and act like you are very interested in everything they have to say, even if you are not yet sure whether you want to work with that person.

If your references are not very good, an executive recruiter might have a hard time viewing you as a suitable fit for the position. You should carefully select professional people as references, steering away from family and friends. Always let your references know that a recruiter might want to speak to them, and brief them on how they should present you if that happens.

Be aware that recruiters often do much more than simply contact the references you provide to them. If you have connections in common, expect the recruiter to get in touch with those individuals to find out more about your background. With most executive job seekers using LinkedIn, it is very easy for recruiters to find mutual connections.

Recruiters also dig into your posts on social media to see whether or not you behave professionally online. You can impress them by sharing work-related content from credible sources and by starting and participating in discussions related to your career niche. Above all, always remain professional, even when dealing with difficult or rude people. Finally, be aware that older recruiters might not be familiar with acronyms such as "IRL" and tend toward spelling out words in full wherever possible.

Finding the right recruiter is not always easy. If you decide that working with an executive recruiter is the right decision for your job search, ask someone in your network to recommend or introduce you to a recruiter who has helped them.

When you meet a recruiter, always ask how their process works. This will help you to avoid frustration or waste time working with a recruiter who is not likely to help you find a suitable position.

For many people, working with an executive recruiter is the best way to find an executive position. However, before you decide to partner with a recruiter, it is important to understand how these professionals work and how you should interact with them to maximize your chance of success in your job search.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Rose Marie G. thanks for your comment. There are probably some recruiters who can help with a remote part-time position but they are few and far between. You can find these types of positions on most sites, including ours. You just have to take the time to do your due diligence. If you find a position of interest, do some detective work and find out what you can about the company. Look for any reviews. See if you can find anyone saying anything about the company - positive or negative. Then you can decide if you wish to apply. Just use caution and don't send anything like your social security number or anything else. @Jennifer Farris - thanks for that.

  • Jennifer Farris
    Jennifer Farris

    there are resume writing jobs from home. Not super pay, though.

  • Rose Marie G.
    Rose Marie G.

    Can a recruiter find me a valid (non-scamming) part time job from home? Typing, spreadsheets and things of that nature. Please help!

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