How to Remain Calm When the Pressure is Extreme

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Every manager has faces instances of extreme pressure at work. Meeting difficult work goals or facing escalated situations can create a stressful work environment for everyone. To remain calm under stressful circumstances, you can do a few things to relieve yourself and your staff and get the job done.

Be Prepared

An exemplary manager is well-prepared for any situation and remains calm when times get tough. Make sure that your entire team is ready to perform when it is required. Equip all employees with proper training in basic and specialized areas so that they do not crumble due to a lack of preparation. Tell employees clearly what their goals and duties are to prepare them for optimum performance during stressful work periods. Maintain adequate resources on site and on call to address daily demands, and know who to consult in any critical situation.

Increase Your Productivity

When you are able to rise to the occasion and achieve favorable results under extreme pressure, it is far easier to remain calm. Organize your desk and paperwork so you can think, plan and make decisions clearly. Use all the technological resources available to you to relieve yourself of menial tasks and increase your productivity with less effort. Delegate tasks to employees early in the day to empower them to achieve results faster. To improve your efficiency, master the use of software programs and other work tools that make your job easier before extreme stress occurs.

Take a Break

Sometimes, even a five-minute break away from the stress of work can help you remain calm under pressure. Taking a few minutes to relax and clear your mind is the simplest reinforcement you have against work-related stress. Remember to give your employees an extra break on demanding days in the office as well. Use relaxing music on your lunch break to help clear your head. Some may prefer to meditate to energize their souls.

Don't Take It to Heart

Separate your emotions from your decisions at work to become an exemplary manager. Develop an innate sense of calm and the emotional intelligence to bob and weave through tricky circumstances. Although it is okay to accept that you may have an emotional reaction in extreme situations, you do not have to act emotionally. Developing a rational response to any problem is the first step to overcoming the pressure and leading your team to success.

Keep in mind that your employees look to you for direction and inspiration, so do not show them a face filled with panic when you are under pressure. Stay positive under stressful conditions, so it is easier to remain calm during tumultuous times, expel the stress from your shoulders and perform well.


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