How to Give Better, Active Feedback

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Whether you are praising exemplary workers or correcting poor ones, giving feedback to employees is an important part of being a great boss. Learn how to give feedback to strengthen your workforce and empower your workers.

Use Solid Communication Practices

It is fundamental to use solid communication tactics when giving feedback to employees. By offering a clear perspective of every employee’s work, you can help them make genuine improvements and become better workers. If a worker does not understand your feedback or is confused by it, the employee cannot make the necessary changes to improve matters. Concentrate on a few main areas where the employee can improve to make the feeback easier for an employee to digest. Allow employees to ask questions about the feedback you provide so they can gain clarity and learn how to perform better.

Be Tactful and Honest.

If you truly want your subordinates to improve at work, you must be honest with them. Be tough when giving feedback to workers who need it most, but never be rude. Take employees to a private area to offer them straightforward feedback on their work to protect their privacy. If a discussion ensues, it can be easier to facilitate in a confidential zone.

Investigate a Worker’s Prior Performance.

To give more appropriate feedback for each employee, it is essential to study performance reviews beforehand to gain greater insight. An employee evaluation gives an overall picture to how well the employee is doing over time, and it shows if the individual needs additional work in a specific area. Studying an employee’s performance reviews can help you understand the person better as a worker, and then you can give better feedback.

Use a Positive Tone

Giving feedback to employees should be encouraging, not a demotivating, stressful or shameful experience. Even a great employee may come to fear feedback from the boss if he or she feels pressured to perform perfectly or is scolded in front of co-workers. Always address employees with respect and consideration when giving evaluations, whether verbal or written. If employees feel at ease while you are giving feedback, they are more likely to listen and retain important information. An employee under scrutiny appreciates your positive approach, and it can motivate the person to improve.

Offer Feedback Regularly.

It is important to give feedback regularly if you want your employees to truly benefit from it. Conduct a regular schedule for providing feedback so that employees can remember your suggestions to advance properly. Good employees should be reminded of their strengths and praised, while those who struggle must be prompted to focus on the upward climb.

Giving quality feedback to employees is an art that must be mastered by managers to cultivate a strong, skilled workforce within a company. The lack of feedback can leave workers without the guidance necessary to succeed. Start giving feedback to your employees that they can really use to mold them into more productive workers.

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