How to Find a Job that Fits your Passion

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Remember hearing that question all the time? The answers may have varied throughout the years, but the question remains the same, and you could still be asking it of yourself on a regular basis.  It can be difficult to mix passion with work. First and foremost, our priority is often putting food on the table, paying rent, and being financially secure. This can mean comfort at home, but a lack of joy in the work you’re doing.  Finding a job you’re passionate about may seem silly or like something only those with a certain financial background have the opportunity to pursue, and while that can be the case, blending your passion into your work is always possible.


There are certain ways to go about doing this.  If you’re seeking a new job, determine what your passions are. What do you truly love to do in your free time?  Make sure it’s not just one or two things, but a broader spectrum. Then, think of what you’re qualified to do. What is your skill set?  How can you incorporate your passion into your skills? Maybe they’re one in the same. Look for jobs that can somehow align with this goal.  Your job title might not reflect the part of your job that includes your passion, but your passion will still be in there and something you are actively engaging with while at work.


If you’re already employed and lacking enthusiasm for your current job, be open to change.  What are the things you really enjoy doing? How can you bring that to the table at your job?  Maybe you have skills or abilities that aren’t being utilized in your workplace and you should bring them to the attention of your employer.  Maybe you can change your daily routine to include a portion of your passion background. Try new things that incorporate your passion into your current work and see what happens.  

Good daily tips for being passionate about your work, even if it’s not your dream job, is to set a goal and see the results.  When you work toward something, it drives you. When you complete the task, it rewards you. Growing and developing professionally also gives you purpose and meaning, and can breed new interests for you.  Learn something. And don’t be afraid to take risks. If it’s something you really want, go for it.

The key is to always move forward, toward something.  You can try to find a job that includes your passion in some regard, you can incorporate your passion into your current work, or you can gain a new skill and become passionate about that.  You might not be a rockstar on a stage, but you could end up being the rockstar of your workplace.

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  • Kristine Smart
    Kristine Smart

    Writing is not only a passion, but a natural gift of mine since childhood. I was a realist & wanted to work ASAP after school & didn't have a course of study nor money to just go to college for the sake of going. I was very isolated growing up & fearified in many ways. I love Housekeeping because I stay active, it's lucrative because many don't have the time or want to do it themselves. It's better than therapy; I get paid instead of the other way around. Kristine Smart

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Art H. thanks for your comment and congrats on getting the job you really wanted. @Roberta A. thanks for your comment. Yes, writing is Carly's passion. Keep an eye out for more articles written by her!

  • Art H.
    Art H.

    Great post Carly! I had many job offers but held out for the one that I really wanted. I landed my dream job with the State that helps the elderly.

  • Faith  M.
    Faith M.


  • Roberta A.
    Roberta A.

    Carly, I am curious if your passion is writing? I enjoyed the post.

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