How to Find A Remote Internship

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Looking for a remote internship and wondering ‘where do I start?’ I can relate. Two months ago, I started the journey to find a remote internship and I landed one! This experience left me with tips that I feel so excited to share today as you find a remote internship.


Step 1: Define Your Role


Some internships only accept students while others are open to all applicants. Are you a student looking for school credit? Are you in a career and wanting to develop a new skill set? Are you seeking a career change? First, write down your position (student, experienced employee, career shift, etc.) and what you seek (school credit, work experience, portfolio development, etc.). Knowing your stance before setting out on your search makes the process easier.   


Step 2: Search


Use specific key words, like “remote internship”, “online internship,” or “remote (writing, media, marketing, medical, etc.) internship”, when searching to help narrow down the options. When you find a position that sparks your interest, just follow the steps in the ad to apply.


If you want an internship with a specific company, try going directly to their webpage. Generally, internship positions are posted under the jobs/careers tab. If you don’t see any internships listed, contact the department where you want to intern by writing an email to see what’s available.


If you don’t find the internship want during your search, you can draft your interning ideas into a proposal and pitch it to companies. Include things like job responsibilities and expected outcomes at the internship’s end. There are internship proposal templates for you to fill in the blanks, such as ‘1. I plan to achieve (fill in the blank) by the end of this internship.’


Step 3: Apply


Fill out the application and include your cover letter and resume when they ask.


Step 4: Follow Up


Generally, a week is enough time to wait before kindly sending an email to ask about the status of your application.  


Finding a remote internship may have seemed daunting, yet you are well equipped to go discover the opportunities out there. Leave a comment and let us know how the search goes!





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