How Mobile Apps Can Work to Increase Employee Engagement

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Effective communication is the one factor that likely lies between you and higher satisfaction amongst your employees. In order to offer your employees the most optimal working conditions, you need to endeavor to meet their expectations on many levels. That is, work toward catering to their style and values as they relate to the work environment. This often translates in today’s day in age to technological advancements in the workplace.

Finding strategies that creatively motivate staff is not always the simplest of tasks. Of course freebies like lunches and concert tickets, as well as the company hosted gatherings and unlimited PTO will work to motivate your employees. But what about those employees that are not motivated in a conventional manner? For those that look for something a bit more progressive, try embracing technology in the workplace.

Mobile apps motivate employees by keeping them engaged within the workplace. Apps allow  home with them, which allows them to meet quotas and stay involved. Not everyone wants to bring their work home with them necessarily, but in some cases it is essential to meeting performance goals and achieving set standards. Mobile applications give employees the ability to flexibly work and access useful files as they see fit.

When it comes to accessing important company documents and information while not in the office technology plays a key role, particularly mobile optimization. It is estimated that organizations that utilize mobile applications improve their productivity by up to 40 percent. That being said, there is no denying the fact that the mobile revolution has already changed the way in which we work, but that it will continue to leverage business growth through employee engagement and productivity.

So, we know that mobile applications can help to keep employees engaged and we know that this engagement leads to improved levels of productivity and therefore capital gains; but do we know how? How do enterprise apps keep employees engaged? Let’s take a look.

Flexible Work Allowances

Arguably one of the most significant ways in which enterprise apps motivate employee engagement is by enabling work flexibility. Mobile enterprise apps afford employees the ability to work anytime, from anywhere. Reporting, document libraries and internal communication apps enable employees to access work documents directly from any of their connected devices. Furthermore, they allow the communication between clients and colleagues, which includes the ability to submit reports and edit documents.

Create a Culture of Recognition

With the use of mobile apps employers have the opportunity to showcase employee’s performance; achievements by way of custom created recognition programs. These programs increase employee participation by way of involvement in such programs as peer-to-peer voting.

Shared Learning and Information

Mobile apps promote collaboration among employees. In the past, employees might hold on to their knowledge, to be used as a personal asset. However, today, when adequately engaged, employees will be prone to collaborate with other staff in an effort to achieve better results.

Additionally, mobile apps offer extra opportunities to encourage expanded knowledge and skills. Where training apps are especially useful in keeping employees engaged.

Increased Outputs

Improved flexibility ultimately translates to employees that will focus their efforts on outputs rather than their inputs. As employees are given freedom to work wherever and whenever they please, they will learn to structure their work efforts in whatever way proves most efficient for them; which basically means increased efficiency and outputs.

Improved Communication with Use of Cloud App

Making use of a modern cloud phone system like Dialpad for business will further help to keep employees engaged through their mobile devices. Cloud computing features a variety of options involving modern cloud based apps that innovate business phone systems in a way that slashes the time and expense involved in developing new ideas and sharing them amongst other employees. Cloud computing has virtually reinvented the mobile market by allowing employees the access to crucial business records and work documents. When businesses use the cloud they are able to more effectively compete with competitors for their employees will be more productive and resourceful with developing business growth ideas.

More Individualize Performance Capabilities

It is the goal of every manager to have a 360-degree view of employee performance. Well, guess what? Talent management software, available by way of mobile application, allows for such views of individual performance. The primary purpose of such technology is to help managers gain a more in-depth understanding and perspective of employees and their productivity.

Seeing more means the ability to do more for employees. The ability to review and analyze performance records on employees give HR the capability of facilitating proactive solutions to improve performance in necessary areas. Meaning that having the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses gives managers and business owners the upper hand in allowing them the opportunity to solicit effective remedies for performance.

Real-time Feedback

In most cases, the opportunity for feedback comes around quarterly, or even annually in some cases. With use of mobile application technology, the ability to utilize real-time feedback is to implement ongoing improvement measures, as well as address real-time performance issues.

That means that rather than waiting for the performance season to roll around, employers can offer constructive criticisms on a daily basis. Instant feedback is proven to significantly improve motivation in employees by way of engagement. The chance to praise employees when earned, is gained which greatly contributes to employee commitment and dedication.

Mobile applications benefit organizations in so many different ways. They allow employers to provide staff with useful and helpful information as it becomes available, which ultimately helps to keep employees engaged. They also help to gather employee feedback and create an environment of recognition and involvement. Mobile apps keep productivity within organizations high whilst increasing alignment and productivity. They centralize resources, information and data; which ultimately leads to collaboration amongst staff and further engagement and efficiency within the company.

Have any additional information to share about how mobile apps help to keep employees engaged? If so, then please share! We would love to hear from you.

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