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One of the most important qualities in a business leader is inspiring workers to do their best. Whatever your industry, this management skill applies across the board. Giving employees specific directions, the tools and training they need to complete tasks, and work independence is one leadership methodology that can yield outstanding results for managers and bosses in many fields.

If you want to inspire your employees to produce their best work, you must allow them to feel a sense of self-worth and gratification for a job well done. Leaders take on two roles: a teacher of skills and a student of what works best for your particular workforce. It takes a great leader to understand that you must be supported by your team to experience success in your work.

One of the best ways to set your employee workforce up for success is to create the right environment. There are many ways of doing this, from assigning important tasks to your employees to empower them to giving your employees autonomy when working. This latter point on giving employees an environment of work independence, not work reliance on the leader, will inspire your workers to work hard, which will increase productivity. They will also feel encouraged that you trust in their abilities enough to let them work on their own.

This being said, another important trait of a great leader is to give your employees this work independence while making sure that everyone is safe and on task. You must be able to jump in at a moment's notice to handle an accident or emergency, which means that you should be aware of everything going on within your work group without being directly involved.

A perceptive leader that allows his or her team members to make decisions on their own will not only benefit from a more independent, productive workforce but will also be able to decrease the amount of overhead generated by a manager whose leadership style is more focused on direct, consistent involvement. Allowing for work independence gives employees a sense of personal achievement, and it is one of the hardest things for some leaders to learn. Another way to facilitate work independence is to encourage open dialogue and discussion between members of your team. This way, employees can feel directly responsible for the increased productivity levels enjoyed by your company.

Part of being a great leader that empowers your workforce is giving your employees opportunities, through work independence, to take credit for their own work. Congratulate your employees on a job well done, and inquire about their practices so that they feel a sense of individual achievement. This will lead to increased productivity and result in a more fulfilled workforce.


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