Four Tips to Score the Best Salary

Danielle Beatty
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Imagine you’re on a job interview. You’re charming them, they’re charming you and it’s going great. Yet, something’s not quite right. There’s an elephant lurking in the corner.

The compensation conversation. How much does this job pay?


Most of us shy away from it rather than embrace it simply because we don’t know what to do. Turns out we can empower ourselves to get the greatest income with these four tips.


1.  Know your worth

Whether you are new to the field or a veteran, know the monetary value of your skills. If you aren’t sure, use a salary calculator.


2.  Don’t be the one to say a number first

Let your potential employer talk numbers first. Even if they ask you, turn the question back to them. After all, why should you be guessing how much they budgeted for this position?

It may feel like wasted time as you wait, but it’s not! Each time they interview you, they invest in you. Whether they pay for lunch, the travel expenses to visit their office, or the salary of the employee talking to you, they spend money on you! Just continue wowing them as you wait for an offer.


3.  Keep total compensation in mind

An offer is more than pay. Things like signing bonuses, paid vacation days, relocation stipends and health insurance add up. Be sure to consider the package as a whole when making your decision.


4.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate

Most employers have a buffer built in specifically for negotiation. If there’s no bargaining cushion, they generally tell you. You know your value (remember tip No. 1). And if you know the low and high range, aim for the top. It’s ok to ask for it.  




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