Five Signs That Are Telling You It's Time for a New Job

Alexander Richardson
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If you’re unsure if it’s time to change jobs, here are some clear signs that your current job might not be working for you.

1. Drained from your schedule

Having a long commute to and from work is already tiring enough, add that to working full time andit can start take to a toll on your health. Don’t prioritize a paycheck over your own wellbeing, you’re worth more than any amount of money. Try speaking to your manager about your hours and try to come to a compromise, but if that doesn’t work, start looking for new opportunities that will offer more flexibility.

2. Bad management

If your supervisors are constantly failing to do their job correctly, failing to communicate to their team, and don’t offer to help their employees do their jobs better, then you should start exploring what other opportunities are out there. If you need to keep the job while you search for another then do so, but if you don’t, know that you’re lucky and put in your two weeks’ notice. Leave on the best terms you can, you never know who you will cross paths with in the future.

3. Negative workplace environment

If you’re surrounded by constant complaining, coworkers with bad work ethics, and poor communication—nothing in that work environment is going to change, so you should make a change for yourself. The longer you stay there, the more likely you’ll be brought down too and you’ll slowly lose your passion for your work.

4. Inconsistent pay

You’re well aware of how much money you should be making every pay period with commissions and overtime (if that applies to you), but if for some reason, your pay checks are trending down, when they shouldn’t be, that’s a red flag! Speak to your manager immediately and if they can’t or don’t do anything about it, it’s time to start putting your resume out there.

5. The work isn’t worth it

The job you’re working at could be a fine place to work, but if you’re able to gather reasons as to why working there isn’t worth it for you, then don’t be afraid to make a move. Peel back the curtain and objectively think about the job. Make yourself a pros and cons list and ask yourself the tough questions to be honest with yourself to see if this job is right for you. It’s okay to leave a job if you’re not getting as much from it as you’re putting into it. Remember, taking care of yourself always comes first.


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  • Eileen Pico
    Eileen Pico

    Very wise article! Since at least 1/3 of our days are spent at shouldn't be miserable! Life's too short! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Robert  E.
    Robert E.

    What gets me are the team leaders who are so eager to make you look bad in front of their friends..

  • Raymond R.
    Raymond R.

    These are exactly what every working person goes through. We all have thus in common, one way or the other. Its how we handel it and knowing when to handel it. Thank you!!! for the read that makes every reader of this know were not alone an have a familiarty amongst us working folks.

  • David H.
    David H.

    This is excatly on poiint. No paycheck is worth your health.

  • Sandra R.
    Sandra R.

    Great, great article!

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