Encouraging Volunteerism Creates a Better Workplace

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For managers, the quest for a great company culture is a continuous endeavor. When you're looking to improve morale and build a better workplace, consider creating a volunteer program. Encouraging volunteerism among employees can have far-reaching effects that extend all the way to the bottom line.

Happier Employees

Volunteering gives your workers a chance to give back, an experience that can create a deep sense of meaning. The simple act of contributing to the well-being of other people or the planet can leave your employees feeling happier and more satisfied, an attitude than can translate to a better workplace. To harness these positive feelings for the good of the company, consider allowing staff members to volunteer during the workday. The small break provides a welcome respite from the daily grind, creates a team bond and enables workers to service tasks into their busy lives.

Easier Recruiting

A robust volunteer culture improves your company's public image and lets the world know that you are dedicated to social responsibility. This positive reputation can have a big impact on your recruiting efforts. After all, many professionals prefer to work for companies interested in more than just profits. This holds particularly true when it comes to hiring young workers. A 2016 study commissioned by "Fortune" magazine found that millennials are more likely than any other age group to care that their employers give back to society. A commitment to volunteerism makes it easier to recruit and retain top talent, so you can create a better workplace with higher productivity and less turnover.

Skill Development

Encouraging volunteerism often requires sacrifices of time and productivity on the part of the company, but it also provides benefits that create a better workplace. Many volunteer positions double as valuable skill-development opportunities. Organizing a team of volunteers builds leadership abilities, while assisting with a fundraising gala provides useful event-planning experience. Since workers put new skills to work immediately, they can achieve mastery faster and more efficiently than they might in a formal training session. If your company is small or doesn't have the budget to bring in professional educators, volunteer programs can be the answer.

Stronger Community Ties

Strong community ties are crucial, particularly for small businesses that rely on support from a single city. When residents, businesses and local organizations see that your company is committed to helping great causes, it creates a positive brand exposure and inspires goodwill — two factors that can affect consumers' purchasing decisions. What's more, volunteering events enable your employees to create relationships with valuable local influencers, ranging from potential clients to policymakers. Overtime, a consistent presence builds strong ties with customers and partners, which can build loyalty, improve your bottom line and create a better workplace.

Thanks to its ability to create meaning and increase positive brand awareness, volunteering has both short-term and long-term benefits. By committing to a service culture and encouraging employees to participate, you can build a happier, better workplace.

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