Employees are Quitting at Epic Rates

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In a perfect world, employees would work at one job and climb the corporate ladder until they reach retirement.

We aren’t in a perfect world though and employees quit, take other positions, and move on.

The best we can do is ensure that they had an overall pleasant experience and that they left systems in place for the individual who inherits their role.

Here are a few reasons why employees are quitting at epic rates.

Concern for Safety

Statistics show that hospitality and restaurant employees are quitting at epic rates.  With the risk and exposure to a vast number of customers a day, the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 rises.  Restaurant workers work long demanding hours and through the uncertainty of COVID-19 on top of that, you are looking at an uncomfortable situation.  A lot of workers are finding that it isn’t worth it in their eyes to work these long hours for the compensation they are receiving. In addition, being exposed to the number of customers they see each day raises their overall concern for their safety.  


Quarantines showed that remote work is possible in some professions and employees may have some hesitancy with returning to the office.  Working from home takes away a long commute and provides the flexibility to work from almost anywhere.  Workplaces that don’t provide the option for a hybrid in/out of office schedule or remote option may see a rise in employees that may leave for positions that are willing to accommodate a remote option.  Working from home allows employees the opportunity to prioritize their tasks, and the opportunity to spend time with family that may be lost to the commute or time in the office. 


When you factor in cost of living, money plays a huge role in an employee’s job preferences. If an employee is offered a higher paying opportunity with better benefits, they are going to consider it.  If it isn’t in your budget to offer that employee a promotion, you run the possibility of not being able to retain that employee. Unfortunately, this is oftentimes out of your control.

Appreciation/Acknowledgement of Efforts

Appreciation goes a long way in the workforce. A simple thank you can make a hardworking employee’s day. If an employee is constantly working hard and not feeling like their efforts are acknowledged, let alone appreciated, they may become disgruntled and start seeking opportunities elsewhere. You don’t have to break the bank and provide financial or material awards, but it will be appreciated if you do. Words of affirmation go a long way in the workforce where employees can sometimes feel like a number.

Career Change/ Relocation

Sometimes a job is just to make ends meet while an employee prepares to pursue another career field or passion.  A lot of the creative or aspiring artistic types may be working to pay off debt or save money to fund a move across country to pursue their passion.  They may very well enjoy the job, but the shift is inevitable because it doesn’t align with what they truly want out of life.

Lack of Challenge

Sometimes the work is too easy. If an employee isn’t feeling like they are challenged enough they may find it time to move up the corporate ladder or find a position that truly challenges them cognitively.  If you would like to retain this type of worker then try to give them additional responsibilities or opportunities to lead projects.  These opportunities may provide the challenge that they need and encourage them to stick around a little longer.

As an employer it is imperative to ensure that your employees feel appreciated, acknowledged, and challenged. Budgetary constraints and promotion availability aren’t always in your control and that is fine, employees will come and go but what you can control is how they feel while they are there. 


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