Do You Try to be Everything to Everyone?

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Whether you're hoping to land your dream job or just trying to grow your client list, focusing your niche is a powerful way to make your presence known. While it may be tempting to offer as many skills as possible to potential employers and clients, the reality is that many companies seek professionals with very specific traits. Maximize your chance of getting the gig by honing in on what makes you the best candidate.

Why a Focused Approach Works

Focusing your niche gives you a competitive edge over other potential hires. In many cases, hiring managers actively seek people to perform specific duties. You may possess that one all-important skill, but its power can actually become diluted when surrounded with a number of other irrelevant skills, and sometimes, it may get overlooked entirely.

How to Narrow Your Niche

Always create a unique resume and cover letter for each position you want. Part of focusing your niche is simply bringing the most relevant skills and experiences to the forefront of the materials you use to promote yourself. Highlight very specific examples of when you were able to use your unique, relevant skills. For example, if a cashier is applying for a sales position, it would make more sense to focus heavily on the customer service aspect of the job, rather than knowledge of cash-handling procedures.

Another effective method for focusing your niche is offering a specific product or service directly to your target audience. For instance, a catering company trying to reach the wedding market would be better off advertising a few upscale chicken and fish options, even if the menu includes pizza and burgers, too. Create a profile of your typical customer or client, and then try to brainstorm a completely unique product or service based on their tastes.

Become a Leader in Your Field

A big part of focusing your niche is also branding yourself as the go-to resource for your niche. If you really want to stand out from other applicants, work on building up your credentials. Create a portfolio that showcases your unique talents.

For example, if you're hoping to move from selling general electronics to selling car stereo equipment, you could create a blog with product reviews, project guidance, questions and answers, and other content that would interest that audience. This way of focusing your niche adds credibility to you as a potential hire and professional in your field. Make the interview process easy for the hiring manager by providing clear-cut examples of why you're the obvious best choice for the job.

Finding clients and getting hired is often easier said than done, but focusing your niche is one of the most effective ways to tip the odds in your favor. Try not to be become discouraged by rejections and continue developing your professional skills to ensure you're more appealing to the next prospect.

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