Do Managers Really Need to Tweet and Become More Social?

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For busy business managers, a professional Twitter account can feel like just another task to add to a long to-do list. The extra work is often worth the time, however — in a crowded market, manager-run Twitter accounts can give your company a powerful promotional advantage.

Direct Customer Interaction

A manager with a Twitter account gives customers a personal route into the company. Social media allows your business managers to post about their projects and establish specific interest areas. When a customer has a specialized question or comment, he can tweet it at the individual, rather than sending it to the general company-wide account. Since the resulting discussion is one-to-one — as opposed to a chat with a nameless moderator behind a general account — it has the power to build a relationship rapidly. These short social media conversations are valuable, low-stress opportunities for marketing and highly personalized customer service.

Building Expertise

When you're operating in a tough market, any edge you can gain over competitors can improve the bottom line. Twitter and other social media channels offer free opportunities to build expertise. When multiple business managers are tweeting about industry-relevant topics, it gives customers a clearer understanding of what you do. As a result, your company can increase awareness and position itself as the expert in your field — which means that social media users might be more likely to turn to you over a competitor when the need arises.

Brand Visibility

Social media links your brand to millions of users across the world, but only if they see your profile. With a single business account, your visibility is automatically limited. When your business managers get on board, it expands your potential reach exponentially. After all, each manager has a unique network of friends, family, former colleagues and industry contacts. When more people are posting about your company, your reach is greater and your brand becomes more visible. Make the most of a larger network by standardizing managers' profile content and including links to your company website.

Everyone Else Is Doing It

Although "everyone else is doing it" is not an acceptable excuse on the playground, it can be a powerful motivating factor for businesses. Consider two businesses: one has a single business Twitter account, while the other has a slew of active accounts run by business managers and executives. In the eyes of a potential customer, the latter company is more likely to appear engaged, knowledgeable and dynamic. If your competitors' managers are on Twitter, following suit levels the playing field. If they are not, it gives you the edge.

Twitter accounts run by your business managers can have a powerful impact on public perception. By using the accounts to connect with and engage potential customers, you can reach new audiences and build brand awareness.

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