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When you think of talent, you probably see images of well-known musicians, sports stars and the silver screen rather than business leaders and top-notch office performers, but talent in the business world is just as important. Business talent is essential to the growth and development of any company, regardless of size, but is especially critical in highly competitive markets.

Business talent is more than experience, education and skill. It isn't really a special gift that only certain people possess. Instead, a person with a talent in business is someone who has mastered the art of putting his or her natural tendencies to productive use in the workplace. From clerical positions to executive leaders, talented employees benefit their employers at every level of operation.

Attitude plays a significant role in defining good business talent. In addition to a positive mindset, these individuals use their persistent nature to push forward during challenges and to bounce back after failures. This type of attitude propels individuals, teams and entire organizations to reach their full potential and is often more beneficial than knowledge and skill. These employees can set the stage for necessary changes and improvements in the workplace.

The best innovators and problem-solvers are usually individuals with a curious nature who like to explore and often ask questions. They may be analytical and critical, or they may have a tendency to push the boundaries, but this type of business talent is worth much more than experience or education. Job candidates like these make excellent leaders and frequently excel in creative environments, but are assets in any position that pertains to their field.

A person with an eye for detail and a knack for organizing can be a talented project planner and often brings cohesion to the work environment, while an individual who sees a bigger picture may be the key to preventing unnecessary obstacles once a project is underway. Passionate employees who truly enjoy the work they do typically bring an assortment of talents to their team and are highly sought after by hiring professionals.

Business owners and human resource managers no longer focus on resumes and formal interviews alone to choose the best job candidates. Business talent is often measured through competency evaluations and genuine conversation rather than past experiences and college courses. It is not uncommon for hiring managers to select talented applicants with limited experience over less passionate individuals who have spent more time in the field.

Business talent is not something you learn through education or experience. A talent in business is an integrated part of a person's mindset and way of being. It is the ability to use routine thoughts, behaviors and tendencies to achieve success in the workplace.


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