Can Your Company Survive Without Mobile Apps?

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A new survey recently showed that one third of small businesses say they could not survive without mobile apps. AT&T’s survey revealed that small businesses in particular are using GPS, mapping, document sharing and creation and social media marketing apps. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said that mobile apps were crucial for saving time and effort.

The number of apps and their functions are nearly limitless. There are apps for counting calories, keeping track of time spent during the workday, planning events and meetings, and sharing documents. Given that most markets are moving into a digital, social space, mobile apps are becoming more and more crucial for businesses looking to stay in touch with technology.

In 2012, six billion people were reported as mobile subscribers, meaning that consumers are looking for products and services in a digital space. Most retailers have some sort of mobile app that allows consumers to shop and make purchases online or with their mobile device. Not only are mobile apps essential to core business functions and employee productivity, but they’re also essential in retaining and engaging consumers. That raises the question of which mobile apps companies should use.

Mobile apps such as Evernote and Google Drive allow for simple note taking and document sharing, often on the go. Many professionals find that storing files in the cloud or carrying them on a smartphone cuts down on the amount of time spent preparing materials for meetings and presentations. Google Drive allows professionals to open, share and create documents from a PC, smartphone or tablet, all with a single account.

Companies struggling with marketing strategies may find that mobile apps such as LocalVox simplify the process of advertising company products and services online. Professionals can plug in social media accounts and email lists to send announcements, updates and news to their consumers or client base. Given the increasing popularity of social media and online advertising, companies looking to create or expand their advertising reach should consider using apps similar to LocalVox.

Managing company expenses can be tricky for professionals who aren't cash-savvy, but there’s a mobile app for that, too. Expensfy is an app that allows companies to track and calculate expenses and upload receipts. InDinero is another cash-saving app that allows companies to track expenses, predict future revenue based on past trends and even send invoices and manage finances.

Running or working for a company doesn't have to be a confusing or time-consuming experience. Most companies use a variety of apps to get the most out of their workforce and customers. By using apps that track time spent, money and documents, companies are learning that using mobile apps in today’s business world is almost a requirement.


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