Can Learning a Second Language Boost Your Career?

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Learning a second language can boost your career in several ways, particularly since companies that operate in a global economy often do business with a wide variety of international organizations and customers and who speak different languages. Discover three reasons why knowing another language serves you well as you seek to improve your professional life.

1. Creates Better Communication with Customers

Knowing a second language can create better trust with customers and clients. You can develop a more personalized rapport with business partners and people who purchase your company's goods or services. Having a better connection with partners and customers often leads to multiple revenue streams and higher sales.

Investors are more likely to pour their money into your firm when you speak their native language. Even if you have to take a crash course in a second language ahead of an important meeting, it might prove valuable to your chances of success. Consider using a quality, comprehensive language learning program to immerse yourself in a language quickly and effectively.

Relying on your own knowledge of a language is better than working with a third-party translator. A translator might misunderstand the message you're trying to convey or translate a word or phrase incorrectly. If you have highly technical career, such as in computers, medicine, finance or law, minute details might get lost in translation and affect important outcomes of projects.

2. Sets You Apart from Other Candidates

Knowing a second language sets you apart from other candidates. A small firm may not realize that it needs bilingual candidates just yet, but saying you know a particular language makes your resume stand out from others when all other things are equal. Another language on your resume can mean the difference between getting a call for an interview or not. Having a non-native language in your repertoire can break the ice during an interview, which is especially important if one of your interviewers speaks a different native language from your own.

3. Furthers Your Career

A second language enhances your career because you might find a promotion in store for you in another country. An international employer might consider you for an overseas job if you already know the native language. Learn more about the culture of the people who speak your second language to impress your boss even more.

Knowing another language can open up opportunities for a management position. Your employer might consider you for a position to lead an international team or a team that collaborates with a team in another country. Having success in that kind of environment might lead to even greater opportunities years down the road as a regional manager, country manager or as a vice president.

Fluently speaking a second language comes in handy for several important reasons. It gives you an advantage when dealing with clients in different countries and can boost your relationships with local customers. This skill can also help you land a good job and earn promotions. How would learning another language boost your career?

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