Basics for a Good Business Management Cover Letter

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In a tough economy, job hunting can be a tedious process, even for management-level professionals with years of experience. By tailoring your resume to each job and writing a powerful cover letter, you can convince employers that your managerial experience qualifies you for an interview.

For management professionals, writing a cover letter can pose a significant challenge. In the space of a few paragraphs, the letter must convince a potential employer that you will be able to lead a team effectively while increasing company profits. Chances are, you will be competing for management jobs with equally qualified candidates; in that situation, a persuasive cover letter can mean the difference between an interview invitation and failure. Job growth in many states is expected to rise in 2014, but not fast enough to ease economic worries. The Pioneer Press reports that Minnesota is a prime example of slowly rising employment rates, with a projected drop in unemployment of 0.3 percent.

Communication is an essential skill for any manager; on any given day, you are expected to communicate effectively with employees at all levels. To that end, your letter must be a shining example of your written communication skills. No matter what types of management jobs you are applying for, your letter should be completely free of errors. In addition, it should convey the professional tone you would adopt in any standard business transaction. While those in more creative or informal careers can often use conversational language, a manager must use more formal text.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two of the most important qualities a manager can possess are the ability to set objectives and determine the tasks that must be accomplished in order to meet them. To that end, your cover letter must let potential employers know that you have the power to identify goals and take the action that is necessary to make sure they are completed. Choose one of your most significant managerial accomplishments, and explain it in your cover letter. If possible, relate it to the responsibilities of the open position to create a connection with the potential employer. In doing so, you can provide an engaging story and establish your value immediately.

No matter what type of business you are managing, your outcomes will usually determine your worth. You can use your letter to prove to an employer in advance that you are capable of bringing results. In the letter, don't hesitate to use numbers to quantify your accomplishments: raising sales, cutting costs, or bringing in new clients, for example. As an added benefit, numbers will stand out from the surrounding words, which will encourage reviewers to take a closer look.

Whether you are applying for a managerial position at a small firm or a multinational corporation, your cover letter is a vital tool. A strong, well-written letter can help an employer see your value immediately, establishing you as a frontrunner for an open position.



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