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Entrepreneurs start with an idea and turn a particular passion into a money-making reality. The entrepreneurial creativity that drives business owners to live out their dreams may reach a level of stagnancy later. Help prevent this creative burnout by learning to let go and do things a little differently.

A lack of entrepreneurial creativity may prevent you from setting goals and achieving them. Day-to-day operations, profit margins, sales and customer service can hamper your creative spirit. Sometimes you just have to get away from the computer screen, cash register or tablet device and take a break from tech. Get hands-on with a white board to jot ideas down rather than type onto a screen.

Take notes on everything, no matter how mundane or crazy the idea sounds. Transcribe notes into a computer so you can easily retrieve them later when you search for keywords. Maintain a journal. Doodle in the margins of your notes to help your brain relax from focusing on hard data.

Realize that entrepreneurial creativity does not stop at the office. Relax away from work to rejuvenate your senses. Unplug for a while, and let your mind wander to make connections with ideas and concepts that were not apparent before.

Make setting goals a priority. Working hard now means nothing if you do not have goals in mind for later. Break down these goals into smaller, more manageable steps to show progress every single day. Showing up every morning and working later every night shows you have the determination to move forward, but to what end? Make your dreams come true by setting long-term and short-term goals; strive for that vacation in Europe you have always wanted.

Learn from everyone else by hearing constructive criticism and bouncing ideas off of other creative minds. One of the best ways to find the spirit of entrepreneurial creativity is to discover that gift in other people. Find those who inspire you, get to know them, and listen to what they have to say. Ask your peers for ideas, and take constructive criticism as a way to check reality with your positive thinking.

Bring fun into the office as a way to lighten the mood. Entrepreneurial creativity can come from the relaxed minds of others. Encourage employees to loosen up at work by wearing casual clothes or listening to music. Have outings that build teamwork, and get together for lunch once a month outside the office. Revel in the achievements of underlings to get everyone's creative juices flowing into your business.

Recognize that sometimes you need a break from the everyday grind to energize your entrepreneurial creativity. Learn to do things differently, and maybe you will see new, and better, results in the future.


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