Are You Working for a Bad Company?

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Most professionals dream of working for a company with outstanding leaders and a positive environment. Unfortunately, this type of workplace isn't as common as it should be. In fact, many people get stuck working for a bad company, which often leaves them feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Don't let this happen to you. Here are four red flags to look for if you think you're either interviewing or working for a bad company.

1. Poor Environment

One definite sign of a bad company is a poor work environment. Do the workers seem excited and passionate about their jobs, or do they seem frustrated and unhappy? Pay attention to the attitude, actions and overall demeanor of workers and leaders. Do you notice constant complaining and bickering? Is there a high turnover rate? Is someone always getting fired? If so, the work environment is poor, and you should probably consider working elsewhere.

2. Apathetic Leadership

If the leaders of your company lack passion and don't seem too concerned with solving company problems or improving the work environment, you're probably working for a bad company. Unfortunately, some leaders care more about their job titles and paychecks than working hard to do what's best for the organization. If these types of leaders aren't at risk of losing their positions, they'll likely remain apathetic. Run fast if this applies to your company and find an organization with leaders who care about the company and are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for its workers.

3. No Progression or Future Plans

Another sign of a bad company is lack of progression over an extended period of time with no future plans in sight. A company should improve, develop and grow over time, especially as the world changes and new technologies become more widely available. Leaders should constantly invest money and time into keeping the organization relevant and competitive. If your boss never wants to commit to plans or don't seem too concerned about the company's future, it's a bad sign, as this company may go out of business in the near future.

4. Dissatisfied Customers

Customers generally don't hesitate to inform others about their experiences with a bad company. Pay attention to what others say about the company, especially if you're in the interview stage and want to work for the organization. Read online reviews or talk to frequent customers and current workers. If most of them have valid complaints, or if you can agree with anything negative they’re saying, consider turning down the job offer or finding new work.

If you notice any of these red flags during a job interview or when working for an organization, you're likely dealing with a bad company. Working for a bad company puts your overall happiness and well-being at risk and simply isn't worth it. Consider looking for new work if these flags apply to your organization.

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