Are You Wasting Your Time Pursuing That Job?

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As a job seeker, it's natural to want to pursue every opportunity or lead that comes your way. But there are some jobs that may not be a good fit for you or positions that do not fully utilize your skills and qualifications. Learn how to detect when you're wasting your time during your job search.

The Responsibilities Do Not Appeal to You

When you're faced with an open position as a job seeker that seems to only satisfy a small percentage of your career needs and wants, it may not be worth your time to continue with an interview or candidate screening. Take a close look at what your responsibilities will be as an employee of the company. If the duties of the position don't excite you or seem to put you in a position that's a step down from your current job or a lateral move, weigh the pros and cons of taking more time out of your job search to continue preparing.

The Company's Culture Is Not a Good Fit

A big part of job satisfaction depends on the company's culture. Do your research before meeting with a potential employer and talk with current employees and staff to learn more about the environment. If you learn that the workplace is filled with tension or that smiling faces are not the norm, you may want to reconsider putting any more time into your search and research.

The Sacrifices Add Up

At times, job seekers need to make some sacrifices, but you want to carefully weigh these sacrifices before attending a job interview. Does this position require you to endure a lengthy commute, work overtime several days a week or travel extensively? Consider what you're willing to do for the opportunity and if the stressors of the job aren't appealing, move on to the next opportunity. Your personal and professional happiness should be key factors when you're searching for a job. Don't put too much stock into a company that doesn't provide you with what you need to expand or utilize your skills while forcing you to give up important aspects of your personal life.

The Hiring Manager Is Not Direct

As a job seeker, it's natural to want to take each potential employer's word. Unfortunately, when you're receiving vague answers during a job interview, this should set off a red flag. Ask the questions you prepared, and then evaluate whether you fully believe the authenticity of the potential employer. Every job seeker should receive open and transparent responses. Trust your gut if the employer is vague from the start.

It can be challenging to change careers or enter the industry as a job seeker, but if you trust your judgment and fully vet each employer, you can refrain from wasting your time on opportunities that aren't viable for your skill set.

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