Are You Maximizing Your Millennials for Next-Generation Leaders?

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As the workforce continues to change and evolve, managing millennials has become a primary focus to ensure next-generation leaders are ready for the challenge. Although some business leaders have expressed concerns over whether millennials are prepared to lead, the real concern may be more closely related to how they are managed, according to Dan Negroni, author and Launchbox founder.

Value the Spirit

The fresh energy millennials bring to the workplace must be embraced to positively impact productivity and leadership. According to Negroni, managing millennials requires business owners to value their strengths, intelligence, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit. Employers are likely to encounter more and more millennials during the hiring process, as 40 percent of the workforce already consists of millennials, according to Forbes. In the next 10 years, the workforce is predicted to expand to 75 percent, with many of these eager and curious individuals taking on leadership roles. Bridge the gap between generations by inviting input and ideas when managing millennials, and notice how their eagerness and enthusiasm can positively impact the company culture while also motivating employees.

Build Relationships

Create leaders by building relationships with millennials. This generation slowly dominating the workforce is often on a fast-track to entrepreneurship, yet they haven't been taught how to foster relationships. Incorporate employee-bonding exercises into the daily routine when managing millennials to show the value of teamwork and the need to depend on others to ultimately prepare your workforce for leadership roles.

Embrace Individual Standards

Millennials are innovators and adopt high standards to gain more accomplishments. Prepare this generation for leadership by giving them more responsibility that is meaningful and purposeful. When managing millennials, show how their work and responsibility contributes to the greater good of the company and community. Allow them to set their own standards, yet set clear expectations and guidelines that provide freedom while also opting in to the company's mission and goals. Demonstrate that the workplace and management relies on a two-way street. Give a little, and you can expect to receive a lot from these creative members of your team.

Coach for Success

Recognize that each millennial employee possesses unique skills and traits, and utilize this information to coach on a regular basis. Instead of managing each member of a team in the exact same way, diversify your strategies by adopting mentoring methods that cater to your employees' strengths. Get to know your millennials to determine what motivates them, what frustrates them and what energizes their work.

The future of your business depends on the leadership of millennials. Managing millennials with motivational practices and mentoring can ultimately prepare these employees for successful careers in leadership with your firm and ultimately improve your company's workflow, culture and profits.

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