5 Soft Skills Every Manager Should Have

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Soft skills are difficult to pinpoint and hone, but if you want be the best manager you can be, focus on the soft skills that every manager should have. Here’s three of them to get you started! 

1. Confidence  
If you want your employees to be confident in what you’re saying, you have to be confident in yourself. Even when you’re not confident, projecting your words with confidence will infect your employees with the same optimism. 

2. Leadership 
Having a good sense of leadership will take you far as a manager. Making good connections with your employees while understanding their strengths and weaknesses will help you put their best attributes into play, gaining your employees respect in the process. Appreciating the people that you manage will make them appreciate you, making it easier to work with them.  

3. Communication
If you fail to communicate with your employees, then problems are sure to occur. Knowing how to pass a message on coherently to all of your employees is a key ingredient to being a good manager. Whether it’s by meeting or email, make sure to have an effective method for passing on information. If information is sent out poorly or late, then it will disrupt the flow of the workplace.  

4. Honesty  
Being able look at the mistakes you make and own up to it is one of the best ways to gain respect and set an example. Some managers will try and blame others for issues they caused, because they are insecure, but being honest about your own short comings and understanding that you and your team won’t always be perfect will help the team come together to accomplish great things. 

5. Empathy 
Every employee you work for is human, and so are you. Being empathetic to members of your team helps your team bring innovative ideas to the table and it helps with retention. Life in general brings about different levels of stress and being understanding that outside of work, people have lives is an important soft skill every manager should have.  


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