5 Critical Choices That Can Make or Break Your Future

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Businesses succeed and fail largely due to how they respond to changes in the marketplace. Firms that remain relevant to customers survive; otherwise, competition that adapts more quickly earns a greater market share. The same thing applies to your career success in a managerial position — you have to make choices at work every day that foster your career or hinder it. Consider these five crucial, everyday decisions that can make or break your career.

1. Do You Stay Open to the Possibilities?

You already have certain preconceived notions and expectations about how you prefer to accomplish tasks, achieve goals and move about your professional life. One key to career success is adapting to new situations and remaining open to different ways of doing things. Know when to take an employee's advice, learn to understand a co-worker's perspective and diversify your way of thinking. This means making your mind receptive to the ideas of others and creating an inclusive, diverse workplace.

2. Do You Overdeliver Every Day?

Everyone at the office expects certain things from you on a regular basis. Career success does not happen when you meet expectations; it occurs when you exceed them. If you overdeliver, you help others reach their full potential by going beyond yours. Challenge yourself to expand your horizons every day. Once you start to overdeliver, you inspire others to do the same, and everyone takes their game up a notch.

3. Do You Own Your Identity?

Much like in a job interview, you must stand out from the crowd at the office to get noticed. Some career experts call this a personal brand, being yourself or having an identity. Don't fit in or mimic someone else's behavior. It's OK to employ the same methods, tips and tricks to get stuff done around the office, but that doesn't mean you should act like your boss or mentor. When you embrace your differences, you establish an identity that people come to trust, and this rapport leads to career success later on in life.

4. Do You Inspire Your Boss?

Your supervisor tells you what to do and offers guiding principles for your work ethic. This person also pushes you to be your best. Hold you boss accountable by making sure he helps you reach your full potential. Ask about additional training, new projects, promotion possibilities and innovative ideas that can help both you and your employer.

5. Do You Seize Opportunities?

People who think about career success seize opportunities when presented with them. Find opportunity gaps and try to close them. Take action when a crisis situation occurs and proactively try to solve the problem. Your choices at work, even if they may carry some risk of failure, can lead to more respect among your colleagues, more career advancement and better credibility within your industry.

These five choices help you take ownership of your career success. Instead of watching your ideal situation pass you by, take charge of your professional life and make the right decisions every single day.

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