3 Simple Tips for a Successful Negotiation

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Nexxt | Article - 3 Simple Tips for a Successful NegotiationStepping into a negotiation can be intimidating. Whether you’re asking for a promotion or discussing the initial salary at a new job it’s easy to feel as though your employer has all the power, but that’s not entirely true. You are more in control than you realize and if you follow these three tips you can learn how to use that control to your advantage.

1. Before the Negotiation: Do Your Homework

Before even stepping into a negotiation take some time and research the situation. What is a competitive salary for your position? Do you know anyone else at the company who has a similar role? What do they make? What benefits did they receive? The more information you have the stronger your position will be when it comes time to actually talk things out. Most importantly you have to ask yourself, “What do I want?” What are you willing to get and what are you willing to give up? In any negotiation your first offer should be more than you really want so you can concede something if need be. 

2. During the Negotiation: Remember to Listen

During the actual negotiation remember to listen more than you talk. The more they talk the more power you have. If you listen closely to what the employer is saying they will most likely give away what you’re really able to get. Don’t take anything personally, if you get heated or angry during the negotiation it’s not going to go your way. Remember that they are in a position where they are trying to do the best for the company while you are trying to do the best for yourself. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would be willing to give an employee while still feeling like you are taking care of the company.

3. At the End of the Negotiation: Be Willing to Walk Away or Delay

You don’t have to take less than you deserve. You know your own worth and if they’re not budging on giving you a fair deal you don’t have to take it. Being willing to walk away gives you a tremendous amount of power during the interview and it’s not something you should give up. In fact, you shouldn’t give up anything, from a salary level to certain benefits, without getting something in return. You deserve what you deserve and you shouldn’t let anyone convince you otherwise. If you feel confident you will exude confidence and that sort of energy can be felt by the person you are negotiating with. If things don’t go your way or they get heated, you can also delay the interview, simply tell them that things need to cool down and that you should wait a day or so before picking it back up. Resetting and starting again, while it might sound like a risky prospect, can end up being for the best and getting you what you want in the long run.

Just remember that you deserve what you know you deserve and you shouldn’t let any level of corporate mind games stop you from getting what you want. 


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