3 Keys to Being a Good Boss

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Being a boss is often a thankless job, one that not all employees are willing to take on. An excellent boss ensures efficiency and efficacy at every level of the company, providing the ground-level supervision that helps operations run smoothly. Great bosses are indispensable to a company; by improving your leadership abilities, you can create job security and help your organization prosper.

Empower Employees

"The Office" was a hit TV show for a reason; it's hard to find a professional who does not have at least one horror story about a boss who micromanaged, refused to delegate or displayed a complete lack of interest in employees' ideas. Great bosses don't do any of these things. Instead, they cultivate an open, creative culture that invites employees to come up with new ways to solve longstanding problems. Rather than forcing creativity, they make it a natural part of daily operations with open discussions and opportunities for collaboration. Perhaps most importantly, great bosses communicate practical limits without stifling innovative thinking. In the process, they empower their employees to go beyond expectations.

Build Job Satisfaction

Great bosses know that high job satisfaction leads to lower turnover, which in turn leads to stronger teams. They make themselves accessible and take interest in each employee, paying attention to their individual happiness. If they see that one person is overworked or overwhelmed, they step in to offer support and spread out the workload. They understand that employees have personal lives that occasionally require attention during work hours. Effective bosses also invest heavily in employee development to ensure that each person has opportunities to develop new skills and find new challenges. In doing so, they avoid stagnation and ensure that each person remains motivated and enthusiastic. By showing consideration for both the personal and professional sides of each employee, powerful leaders make it easier for workers to achieve a better work-life balance. As a result, each member of the team feels valued and supported.

Create Strong Teams

Teamwork is essential to business success, and bosses often figure heavily in the team-building process. Great bosses know how to choose team members based on individual strengths and personality to create a balanced unit. Once a team is established, they take steps to create trust and forge the bonds that create unity and cohesiveness. When a conflict arises, effective bosses know how to facilitate honest discussion that clears the air without leaving resentments. They are acutely aware of team dynamics and skills distribution and use that knowledge to delegate tasks in a way that supports top performance.

Becoming an excellent boss takes time, and it is not uncommon to learn by trial and error. By emulating the methods of great bosses, you can improve your leadership skills and avoid some of the problems that hinder productivity and profitability.


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